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OSHO Meditation: In-depth and Facilitating PLUS - 6 Days

OSHO Meditation Facilitating is for everyone who wishes to go deeper in meditation, and for those who would like to develop more skills and confidence in introducing OSHO meditations to others. This can be in the context of simply wanting to share with friends and colleagues; or for professionals such as doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, meditation camp leaders who want to feel more grounded and at home in presenting and supporting these meditation methods.
OSHO Meditation Facilitating will enable you to get experience of a whole variety of other OSHO meditations besides the main OSHO Active Meditations.

Main themes:

What is meditation? Who/what is OSHO?

  • deepening your own experience in OSHO meditation techniques
  • understanding the science behind them
  • supportive factors in creating a meditative climate
  • grounding, relaxed communication, equipment use
  • responding to questions about meditation
  • practicing presentation with feedback sessions
  • introducing meditation to newcomers
  • A 6-Day on Facilitating

    Prerequisite: Interview


    • Jan 13 - 18, 2015 ~ Sudheer, Garimo