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Art with Heart - 2 Days

Art is the expression of your heart. When your heart overflows in any dimension - in painting, in poetry, in dancing, in singing - it becomes art. Art is not something of a technique. It is the overflowing heart which creates its own technique. It is alive enough to bring its own technique into existence.
The artist is not a technician that you should remember. A technician only copies, imitates. The artist brings something new into existence which has never existed before. He himself is surprised; unless you are surprised by your art, it is not of much value. If you recognize it, it means it is old - otherwise how can you recognize it?

You will be encouraged to enter the very essence of creativity through your heart. Talent and academic training are ideas of the mind.
A wall-size canvas with lots of different stunning acrylic colors and brushes are available for your heart to express itself.
Be ready for the big surprise.
Even Picasso will be jealous of you!

A 2-Day Course