Multiversity Activity

Multiversity Activity
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Awareness Intensive In-Depth Facilitating

If you have an affinity for the Awareness Intensive and you would like to share this process with others, then this Awareness Intensive Facilitating is for you.

The structure of the Awareness Intensive itself is based on traditional Zen techniques combined with modern communication methods. Using the modern koan Who Is In?, and responding moment to moment, it is designed to penetrate beyond habitual masks and pretensions and to focus the total energy into the search for who we really are. The process is relentless, intense and rewarding.

Awareness Intensive Facilitating is systematic and comprehensive. It will awaken the facilitator in you as well as giving you the tools to facilitate the process. Practical guidance and practice sessions will help you gain confidence in presenting the Awareness Intensive, and to give feedback and direction to participants. During Awareness Intensive Facilitating you will also participate and assist in a 7-day Awareness Intensive.

Participating in this method is then a commitment to learn, grow and share with others over time as you settle into your own facilitating and personal style.

Prerequisite: Participation in one prior Awareness Intensive or equivalent & interview.

A 15-Day Facilitating

Prerequisite: Prerequisite,Interview


  • Feb 11 - 25, 2016 ~ Shivani