Multiversity Activity

Multiversity Activity
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Dance and Tao: Melting of Polarities

In this method we will explore the qualities of dual polarities: night and day, shadow and light, yin and yang, female and male. Somatic bodywork, creative dance, theatre, expression and relaxation, archetypes and depth psychology will lead us in dancing the way in which -Two becomes One-.

Once you connect with what is eternal inside a settling alchemy starts happening. Your body starts changing, the opposites are melting and your silence is deepening.

Look at existence not as a struggle; but as an enjoyment; look at existence not as a war, conflict, but as a celebration -- and infinite is the celebration, infinite is the possibility of bliss -- bliss upon bliss. Osho

A 3-Day Course


  • Feb 3 - 5, 2018 ~ Chetan, Heera