Multiversity Activity

Multiversity Activity
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Fresh Beginnings: Primal Intensive

This highly structured, 7-day process is an invitation for radical transformation providing lasting results. The journey begins in the present and leads you step by step back to your childhood to experience and understand the parental and environmental conditioning you received in the past. It was then that you learned how to relate to others and how to get their love and approval. It was then that you absorbed your parent’s patterns of behavior and formed your values. The negative aspects of this conditioning produce unwanted outcomes and self-defeating behaviors in our adult lives. It affects our relationships, work, health and well-being.

You will be supported to unlock and express deeply held feelings including anger, pain, shame, loneliness and heartbreak, the expression of which allows us to break free from unconscious conditioning that block the flow of our vitality in the body. Once you release this negative conditioning you will be able to access your untapped resources of power, wisdom and creativity. You will find what your heart really longs for and your energy can flow again towards a life of love and meditation.

Prerequisite: suggested is to arrive a few days before the start of the course for the interview and to prepare yourself
This course is residential.

A 7-Day Course

Prerequisite: Interview


  • Jan 6 - 12, 2016 ~ Puja