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Multiversity Activity
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OSHO Mystic Rose - Facilitating

For people who love the OSHO Mystic Rose process, who would like to deepen their own experience of it and learn to facilitate it.

Osho calls this powerful meditative therapy -the first major breakthrough since Vipassana 25 centuries ago.-

First week: laughing for 3 hours a day for seven days.
Second: crying for 3 hours a day for seven days.
Third week: the watcher on the hill.

Mornings are spent in the Mystic Rose itself, and afternoons in counseling, investigating group dynamics, exploring personal issues and learning to support and encourage the process in a professional and caring way.

You may also decide to take this facilitating course simply to deepen your own experience of this revolutionary process. Prior participation in the OSHO Mystic Rose is recommended.

Anyone who enrolls for this Facilitating course, needs to also book the course OSHO Mystic Rose, which starts one day earlier and is a required complementary part of the Facilitating course.

A 20-Day Facilitating

Prerequisite: Interview


  • Aug 12 - 31, 2015 ~ Asmita
  • Jan 12 - 31, 2016 ~ Devena, Sindhu, Veet Mano
  • Mar 12 - 31, 2016 ~ Unmatta, Saleem