Multiversity Activity

Multiversity Activity
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Path of Love

The Path of Love is an intensive, highly structured residential process in which participants are supported to passionately focus on their sincere desire or longing to realize their full human and spiritual potential.

This process, taken with a firm, focused intention, a sincere longing for freedom, and happening in the presence of deep compassion and respect, presents the possibility for the participant to have a significant breakthrough or shift in consciousness.

It is a journey requiring integrity and vulnerability, a journey of honest, heartful inquiry into our true nature, whilst taking full responsibility for the creation of one’s life.

The course starts in the evening of the first day
Suggested arrival 5 days before the course starts if you are a first time visitor to the OSHO International Meditation Resort

8-Day Course

Prerequisite: Interview


  • Jan 18 - 25, 2016 ~ Satyarthi