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Star Sapphire

A session to bring more awareness to your present situation. It does not intend to take you anywhere, but introduces the idea- and the experience - that conditions right now are all that is needed for a clarity.
The session begins with a brief energy check of the seven chakras, using psychic vision and sensitivity to decide how best to connect you with the truth that emanates from your body. Then follows a verbal and energetic sharing. Very often, but not always, the session involves a dialogue between your male and female aspects, as there may be an identification with only one aspect, while the other remains hidden.
The session is especially helpful for people who feel unclear about their present situation or who feel confused about a relationship, or unsure of what direction is next.


  • Sep 2, 2014 ~ Khalwati
  • Sep 4, 2014 ~ Khalwati
  • Sep 6, 2014 ~ Khalwati