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Morning Classes

Throughout the year 1-hour drop-in classes are held in the early morning. These can usually be combined with many other of the more substantial programs you choose to do during the day.

Chi Kung

A great way to start the day! Wake up and move your energy through breathing, body alignment, and soft movement.
Chi Gong is an ancient healing art form China. With slow yet very energizing movement, it helps to strengthen the body as it relaxes the mind.
Simple and enjoyable for everyone from 15 to 115 years old!

Tai Chi

This short form is designed to introduce the basics of Tai Chi and its principles at any level. Based on Yang-Style Tai Chi, the form evolved from more traditional approaches, with an emphasis on fluidity, dynamics, relaxation and internal flow throughout the body.

To help the learning process and the integration of OSHO Form, we use different Taoists aspects of Push-Hands, as well as visualization and relaxation.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow synchronises breath with movement. In a smooth way poses (asana's) run together and become a dance.
This is for all and boosts physical strength, stamina and flexibility.
You will experience the relationship between movement and stillness.