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You are welcome to apply for a Work as Meditation Living In Program offered year around for people who want to learn to use their work as a tool for personal growth and meditation in their daily life. It includes the experience of being fully involved in the unique un-learning environment that is the Osho International Meditation Resort.

The Program playfully offers understanding, experience, resources and methods to radically change approach to life and work. In particular helping us to dissolve the distinction between work and play we have learned since childhood.

All methods offered are based on Osho insights and tips, and have passed the test of time and extensive practice within the Osho International Meditation Resort. Enhance your life while simultaneously enhancing the quality of your work!

The starting date is at your request, subject to availability.

For details of the Creative Living module, see  Workshops and Individual Sessions for Creative Living outlined below. The Creative Living Program is best taken over a 2-month period followed by a third month of actually experiencing what you have learned.

Once this 3-month program has been completed, participants can then apply for the Work as Meditation Living In "Returning" option for a minimum period of one to two months at a time, subject to availability.

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Workshops and Individual Sessions for the Creative Living Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Workshops and Individual Sessions for the Creative Living  Program

During the first month:

A one-day Meditation Intensive (if you are new to OSHO meditations).
One-day course:   "Fast-Track to Yourself"
Three single, course days :  "Inner Skills for Work & Life"

Individual Sessions:
Two introductory sessions.
A session specifically related to the "Fast-track" course.

During the second month:

A two-day Osho Multiversity course: OSHO Meditation: In-depth
with the option to book additional course module days where you can learn to facilitate these same meditations during your stay

Ongoing counseling and personal support.
Individual evaluation at the end of the program.




The program includes single occupancy accommodation on-campus.




The full facilities of the campus will be available to you to enhance your stay here. Some examples are: meditations in the Osho Auditorium and in Osho Chuang Tzu, evening events, swimming, tennis, ball games, and gym facilities, dining areas and gourmet café spots. Personal support is available to help you make the most out of the work-as-meditation program, and also to help you discover which additional meditations are best for you and to introduce you to the wide variety which is available.




The full program for first time applicants is best experienced over two months. This can be completed in one month by arrangement. You can then apply for a Renewing or Returning program whenever you would like to deepen your experience and/or to participate in this way in the Meditation Resort.
These programs are offered throughout the year.
This program is 7 days a week, a minimum of eight hours a day. This includes at least six hours of work as meditation on campus and two hours of discovering the art of listening and "non-doing" during the evening meditation meeting.

You will need to take care of your expenses for food, other personal expenses, and for any emergencies.
You will need a good command of English.
And a lot of humor too!

The starting date is at your request, subject to availability.



Additional Costs

In addition to the costs of the program, we recommend that you budget 400 - 450 USD/ 280 - 320 EUR per month for your food and extras.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in Osho Multiversity Courses during my time in the Living In Work as Meditation Program? 

The Learning Program has a number of Multiversity courses included, related to learning Inner Skills for your work and daily life.
The program is designed to work best when approached totally, taking on the minimum eight hours a day, seven days a week. First time visitors may like to participate in some courses or therapies before starting the work-as-meditation Living In program. Another option is to participate in further Osho Multiversity courses after you finish this program. Or you may want to consider one of the other Living In  programs available.
(See below: What are the possibilities for outside of work times?)

Why do we work seven days a week? 

There are no weekends off or vacations during the time of your participation. This is part of the technique of transforming old habits around work: Not having "time off" to look forward to, helps you get the knack of making this very moment come alive. This program is challenging, exciting, unique, and it works!

Do I choose my own work?

No, after an initial tune-in talk the work is assigned, and it may be changed several times during your stay. One facet of the program is learning to enjoy change, to be flexible and fluid when confronted by the unexpected – a very useful skill in today's work environment. Be ready for the unforeseen, and whatever comes your way can be used for self-discovery, for being more aware and alive.

What are the possibilities for outside of work times? 

The Meditation Resort offers a full range of activities and you can choose what suits you. From meditating in the OSHO Auditorium, evening dance parties, swimming in the pool and other sports activities, to silent sitting, all the Meditation Resort facilities will be available to you. In addition, a wide array of Multiversity morning classes and evening events are offered outside of working times. Some examples of morning classes are: Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Belly Dance, Movement Integration and Gibberish. And for evening events, some examples are Humaniversity AUM, Tantric Pulsation, Gurdjieff Movements and Family Constellation.

I can't participate in the Living In Work as Meditation Program at this time, but I like the idea of learning work as meditation. Is there any other option? 

Yes, visitors to the Meditation Resort can apply to participate in the non-residential Work as Meditation Program. Apart from arranging their own accommodation, the daily Work as Meditation schedule remains the same. It may be possible to extend your non-residential Work as Meditation Program once you are here by mutual agreement.

Fees for International and National Participants in non-residential Work as Meditation:

From March 1 to November 30, 2017   (Unchanged from Last Summer) :

  • For 14 days participation: 2,900 INR
  • For 30 days participation: 5,800 INR 

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To apply for one of the Living In programs

You can fill in the  application form and submit it on-line.




For any additional questions you can email us at  livingin@osho.net

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