FAQs about Meditation Do I need to make an effort to be aware?

Do I need to make an effort to be aware?

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It is not a question of making efforts to be aware. If you make efforts to be aware, you will create tensions inside yourself ― all efforts bring tensions. If you try to be aware, you are fighting with yourself; there is no need to fight. Awareness is not a by-product of effort: awareness is a fragrance of let-go: awareness is a flowering of surrender, of relaxation.

Just sit silently in a relaxed state, doing nothing... and awareness will start happening. Not that you have to pull it up from somewhere, not that you have to bring it from somewhere. It will shower on you from nowhere. It will well up from within your own sources. You just be silent, sitting.

But I understand, Asker, your problem. It is very difficult to sit silently; thoughts go on coming. So let them come! Don't fight with thoughts and you will not need any energy. Just let them come ― what can you do? Clouds come and clouds go; let the thoughts come and let them go whenever they want to go. Don't be on guard, and don't be in a certain attitude that thoughts should come or. should not come ― don't be judgmental. Let them come, and let them go whenever they want. You be utterly empty. Thoughts will pass, they will come and go, and slowly, slowly you will see that you remain unaffected by their coming and going. And when you are unaffected by their coming and going, they start disappearing, they evaporate... Not by your effort, but by your cool, calm emptiness, your relaxed state.

And don't say that relaxation will need great energy. How can relaxation need great energy? Relaxation simply means you are not doing anything.

Sitting silently,
Doing nothing,
The spring comes
And the grass grows by itself....

Let this mantra sink into your heart. This is the very essence of meditation!... Sitting silently...doing nothing...the spring comes...and the grass grows by itself.... Everything happens! You are not to be a doer.

Don't make awareness your goal, otherwise you have missed my point. I have simply defined. I have said: awareness is virtue, unawareness is sin.

Osho, Philosophia Perennis, Vol. 2, Talk #4

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