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There is no exit here! It is one-way traffic. You only come in...we don't have another door, only the entrance. Then you have to be reborn; that is the only exit. But the exit is not in escape, it is in inscape. It is going inwards.

Osho: Dhammapada, The Way of the Buddha, Vol 12, Talk #6

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Jean-Paul Sartre has written a very beautiful small book, which is a description of hell. The name of the book is No Exit. There they do not have the old type of tortures, hellfire, etcetera. All the comforts, air-conditioning – everything they need is available. The only problem is, there is no exit. So they are stuck in an air-conditioned place, with all kinds of strangers, with nowhere to go, nothing to do. Everything is supplied without even asking.

You just desire and you get it – this used to be the description of heaven! There you just desire and you have it, but there is no exit. It is an air-conditioned nightmare! You cannot go out. Everybody is sitting on a beautiful sofa – but just sitting there. People are getting fed up with each other for no reason...just continuously in the public eye, no privacy, and the problem continuously arises, 'Now what is going to happen? – because we cannot get out....'

What he has described is an air-conditioned nightmare because there is no exit. Without knowing it exactly, he is describing your mind. You are also enclosed in your mind with all kinds of dreams, imaginings, projections, ideologies – but no way to get out.

Meditation is not a way to get out of the mind. Meditation says, 'Just watch the mind and you are out. In fact, you have always been out.' Your being inside the mind is your fallacious idea. Once you stop the mind functioning, suddenly the fallacious idea will disappear and you will find you are out in the open. Then the whole sky is available to you. Your freedom, your eternal life, this vast beautiful existence is always available to you, to shower you with all kinds of blessings.

Just a small trick...it is not really even a technique, just a trick. You are not in the mind, but you have been thinking that you are in the mind; that is your trouble. You must remember some nightmare...that will explain to you how this situation continues. In a nightmare, you want to open your eyes and you cannot; you want to move your hands and you cannot. No exit! – and the nightmare becomes so intense.... Perhaps a lion is standing on your chest or you have been thrown from a mountain into abysmal darkness and you can't even see the bottom of it....

When it comes to its absolute intensity, the very intensity wakes you up. You cannot manage to wake yourself up if the nightmare is of a mild quality; you cannot come out of it. But if it is very intense then that very intensity wakes you up, and suddenly there is no nightmare. You have never been between the paws of a lion and you were not being thrown from any mountain; you were not being crushed by a bulldozer – nothing was happening. It was only a dream, but you were thinking you were in it.

You were not in it; even when it was happening you were out of it. It was only a film going on in front of you. You were out of it.


Osho, The Great Zen Master Ta Hui, Talk #23

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