About Meditation? Is meditation for people who know nothing?

Is meditation for people who know nothing?

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The ignorant person can remember that he is ignorant – he has nothing to lose. But the learned, he cannot recognize that he is ignorant. He has much to lose. The knowledgeable person is the real fool. The ignorant person is innocent; he knows that he knows not, and because he knows that he knows not, because he is ignorant, he is just on the threshold of wisdom.

Because he knows he knows not, he can inquire, and his inquiry will be pure, unprejudiced. He will inquire without any conclusions. He will inquire without being a Christian or a Hindu. He will simply inquire as an inquirer. His inquiry will not come out of ready-made answers, his inquiry will come out of his own heart.

His inquiry will not be a by-product of knowledge, his inquiry will be existential. He inquires because it is a question of life and death to him. He inquires because he really wants to know. He knows that he knows not – that's why he inquires. His inquiry has a beauty of its own. He is not a fool, he is simply ignorant. The real fool is one who thinks he knows, without knowing at all.

Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 2, Talk #7
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