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Meditation Centers

Meditation Centers

Ultimately, meditation is only of value if it becomes incorporated into your routine life, whenever and wherever you want it to be. All the Osho techniques can be done on your own or with others. The music for the active methods helps you to keep track of the various stages, so it is easy to do the techniques by yourself.

The Meditation Resort is an opportunity to experience a full-on immersion in meditation! Whether making a stopover for a few days or weeks or on a several-months' long vacation, you can spend entire days sampling a whole range of techniques in the meditation auditorium, surrounded by hundreds of other meditators. The facilitator present at each session is available to answer your individual questions about the methods.

Alternatively, you may not be on a visit to the Meditation Resort in India, but you want to meditate in the company of others on a regular or occasional basis. There might be an Osho meditation facility near you where you can participate in, for example, a morning and an evening meditation. Other places may also offer weekend meditation courses. What's available varies. All the individual facilities operate independently – there is no central organizational structure or hierarchy – and vary in size and function, from occasional gatherings in someone's home to fully-staffed meditation resorts.

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For other information about Osho Meditation Centers, Information Centers and Institutes, please visit  Osho Global Connections, the office which takes care of all issues and questions regarding Osho centers.