Places to Meditate Places to Meditate & Meditation Centers Around the World

Places to Meditate & Meditation Centers Around the World

To meditate in a center in the company of others on a regular or occasional basis, can be a valuable and enjoyable experience. 

Below you find a complete list of independently operating Places to Meditate: OSHO Meditation Centers, OSHO Information Centers, OSHO Institutes, and locations with Meditation Activities.
These venues vary. Some are fully staffed meditation centers or meditation resorts with a complete daily program, events and festivals. Others may be smaller and offer occasional meet ups for individual meditations and information.
If you want to meditate alone or with others online, iMeditate is the web area where you can also participate in the OSHO Meditations from your home.
OSHO Global Connections (OGCs) is the international office that liaises with all OSHO Centers, and Places to Meditate. OGCs offers trainings and guidance for opening new centers and answers questions regarding facilitating Osho Meditations around the world. The office also takes care of legal and other issues – it is based at the OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune, India.
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