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Buddhism entered China with Bodhidharma in search of a man to whom the key could be given, a man who could understand silence, who could talk heart to heart without being obsessed in the mind, who had no head. A man with no head was difficult to find in India, because India is a country of pundits and scholars and they have the biggest heads possible. A pundit by and large forgets everything about the heart and he becomes the head. His whole personality becomes lopsided as if only the head exists, and the whole body shrinks and disappears.

This communication beyond words is possible only from heart to heart. So for nine years Bodhidharma searched in China, and then he could find only one man. For nine years Bodhidharma was sitting in China, not facing people; he would always sit facing the wall. If you had gone to hear him he would have been facing the wall, his back towards you. People used to ask him, 'We have come to listen to you, why do you sit in such a peculiar way?' and Bodhidharma would reply, 'I am waiting for the man who can listen to me. I will not look at you, I will not waste my time; I will look only at the person who can listen to me.'
Then came a man; he stood behind Bodhidharma, cut off his right hand, threw it at Bodhidharma and said, 'Turn towards this side, otherwise I am going to cut off my head. Bodhidharma immediately turned and said, 'Right-so you have come. Take this key and relieve me of the work.'

The key that was passed from Buddha to Mahakashyap Bodhidharma delivered to this man; a Chinese became the seventh master. And up to now it has been traveling. The key is still there, somebody is still holding it; the river has not dried.


Osho, A Bird on the Wing, Talk #10



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