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Books I Have Loved

Fifth. There are so many books standing before me that it is very hard to choose, but I choose Ross’ Three Pillars of Zen. Many people have written about Zen – including Suzuki, who knew it the most – but Three Pillars of Zen is the most beautiful book written about Zen. Remember my emphasis, about, because Ross has no experience of it. In fact, that makes it even more wonderful: that without any experience, just from studying books and visiting monasteries in Japan, she wrote a masterpiece.

There is only one thing I want to say to Ross: in Zen there are not three pillars, not even a single pillar. Zen has no pillars. It is not a temple, it is pure no-thing-ness. It needs no pillars at all. If she publishes the book again she should change the title. Three Pillars of Zen looks good, but it is not true to the spirit of Zen. But the book is written in a very scientific way. Those who want to understand Zen intellectually cannot find a better book.


Osho, Books I Have Loved, Talk #16



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