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Getting grounded

Getting grounded

I don’t have any feeling in my legs below the knees.

You don’t have earth contact. There are people who have forgotten their legs completely, and if you forget the legs they are neglected. They need care.

Many people live above the knees and they rarely become aware of that. But if you live above the knees, there is a gap between you and the earth – and the earth is the mother. This is a symptom that you were never deep in love with your mother. This happens only to people who have never been in love with the mother. They lose contact with the earth, because the earth is the mother, and the air is the father. So people who do not have good contact with the father always have breathing trouble. They breathe very shallowly.

It can be changed; there is nothing to be worried about.

[Osho suggested that the questioner stand barefooted on the earth and try to make contact with the earth from inside, forcing her being to flow below her knees. While she was doing this, she should breathe deeply, which would force energy towards the sex center and help grounding. After a few days she would begin to feel the vibration of her being moving towards the magnetic pull of the earth, and the earth moving towards her.

Secondly he suggested that a hot shower immediately followed by a cold one would be helpful to encourage the body to shrink and contract, and that each night before going to sleep, she could massage her feet in a downward motion.


Osho, A Rose is a Rose is a Rose, Talk #17
(This title is no longer available at Osho’s Request)