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My Body’s Discipline

My Body’s Discipline

If you listen and you become attentive to your body, you will start having a discipline that cannot be called a discipline.

Now physiologists say that everybody’s body, while sleeping, loses its normal temperature for two hours; the temperature falls by two degrees. It may happen to you between three and five, or two and four, or four and six, but everybody’s body falls two degrees in temperature every night. And those two hours are the deepest for sleep. If you get up in between those two hours, the whole day you will feel disoriented. You may have slept six, seven hours; that makes no difference. If you get up between those two hours when the temperature was low, then you will feel the whole day tired, sleepy, yawning. And you will feel that something is missing. You will be more disturbed. The body will feel unhealthy.

If you get up exactly after two hours, when those two hours have passed, that is the right moment for you to get up. Then you are perfectly fresh. If you can sleep only two hours even that will do. Six, seven or eight hours are not needed. If you sleep only for those two hours when the temperature is two degrees lower, you will feel perfectly happy, at ease. The whole day you will feel a grace, silence, health, wholeness, well being.

Now everybody has to watch when those two hours are. Don’t follow any discipline from the outside, because that discipline may have been good for the person who created it.... You have to find your own body, its way, what suits – that’s right for you.

Once you have found it, you can easily allow it, and it will not be enforced because it will be in tune with the body. So there is nothing that you are imposing on it it; there is no struggle, no effort.

Watch, while eating, what suits you.

People go on eating all sorts of things. Then they get disturbed. Then their mind gets affected. Never follow anybody’s discipline, because nobody is like you, so nobody can say what is going to suit you. That’s why I give you only one discipline and that is of self-awareness, which is of freedom.

You listen to your own body. The body has a great wisdom in it. If you listen to it, you will always be right. If you don’t listen to it and you go on enforcing things on it, you will never be happy; you will be unhappy, ill, ill at ease, and always disturbed and distracted, disoriented.

Enjoyment of the moment has nothing to do with new things. Enjoyment of the moment has certainly something to do with harmony.”

Osho, The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol. 1, Talk #4


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