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Wholeness is Healthy

Wholeness is Healthy


The will to wholeness is inherent in everything,
but only in man has it become conscious.
Therefore man lives in tension,
and only when this longing is fulfilled
is his negative state of tension wiped out.
The tension is symbolic of the infinite potential
and also of the infinite possibilities.

Man is not what he can be,
and unless he is that which he can be
he cannot be at ease.
This dis-ease is man,
and health is in wholeness.

The fact that language has one root
for the words whole, holy and to heal
conceals a deep truth:
He who is whole is also healed,
and to be healed is to be whole.
This wholeness can only be achieved
by becoming totally conscious of oneself:
The darkness of the unconscious is to be penetrated
and transformed into light.

And meditation is the method.

Osho, A Cup of Tea, Talk #1


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