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Bauls sing:

Let ripeness appear in its own time
For the full flavor of the fruit.

A green jackfruit
Can be softened by blows
But not made sweet.

And they say, this love you cannot force. There is no way to manipulate it. There is nothing that you can do about it. All that you can do is to allow.

Let ripeness appear in its own time...
It will come in its own time. What do you do when you watch a tree, an apple tree? What do you do? You don't pull the fruits, you don't force, you just watch. You take care, every care that is needed-you protect the tree, you water the tree, you provide fertilizers and manure. Everything that you can do, you do; but what can you do to force? That is just helping the tree to ripen in its own time. Then the fruit comes; then you watch. One day it is ripe, sweet.

Let ripeness appear in its own time...
... so Bauls are not for any sort of yoga. They are against yoga. They belong to the tradition of Tantra, not to the tradition of Veda, or yoga-no. In fact, the Bauls' tradition is more ancient than the tradition of Veda and yoga.

Historians say that Tantra is pre-Aryan. When the Aryans came to India, Tantra was in existence here, and Shiva was their God. When the Aryans came to India they overran India, they defeated the people who were living here. Their religion was crushed, their scriptures destroyed, and by and by even their Gods were absorbed into the pantheon of the Aryans. Shiva was their God. It took very long for him to be absorbed. He was alien, but he had to be absorbed because he was very influential. And when all his followers were absorbed into the world of the Aryans, they brought their Gods also.

Tantra belongs to Shiva, and the Baul is an offshoot of the same tree. Tantra says, 'Everything happens in its own right time, you need not force it. Your force will not help. It will be a disturbance. It may destroy, but it can never be creative. One has to be very effortless, spontaneous. One has to be in a let-go.

Osho, The Beloved, Talk #1


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