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I am the pause between two notes
That fall into a real accordance scarce at all
For death's note tends to dominate.
Both though are reconciled
In the dark interval tremblingly
And the song remains immaculate.

Look at the rose flower. You will tremble and the rose flower will tremble and there will be a pulsation between you and both will disappear... and the other shore. Suddenly you are transfigured-transplanted into another world.

To a real sadhu, to a real sannyasin, to a real devotee, to a real seeker, disciple, this becomes very simple-just like blinking the eyes. Close your eyes and you are on the other shore, open your eyes and you are on the other shore. The other shore is not something far away, or after death: the other shore is here between life and death. Each moment it is here-between past and future it is here: between past and future the little gap, just a little gap, a split-second, and it is there.
The present is the presence of God...

So live here, my brother,
That you may cross with ease to that other shore.
It is a land without earth or sky,
Without moon or stars;
For only the radiance of truth
Shines in my lord's durbar.

There is no earth, there is no sky; it is a nonmaterial dimension. There is nothing-not even you.

It is a land without earth or sky,
Without moon or stars;
For only the radiance of truth
Shines in the Kingdom of God.

'Only the radiance of truth...' Only truth exists on the other shore-neither the seeker nor the sought, neither the observer nor the observed, neither matter nor consciousness-only truth, only the ultimate science. And you become one with it, you are not separate from it: you become part of that divine melody.

Kabir says:
O beloved brother:
Naught is essential save truth.

Nothing else is essential. Search, seek, try to know what truth is-and truth is not in abstractions, and truth is not in scriptures, and truth is not to be found in the dialogues of the theologians. Truth is herenow. Truth is: you have to become available to it. Truth is in the opening of your heart-love will become the bridge between you and truth.


Osho, The Divine Melody, Talk #9
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