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History Is Bunk

History is just bunk. And history is created by men; no woman has written history. It is male-oriented, it is male-dominated, it is male-managed. It is a false history.

Man has tried to condition woman in such a way that he can exploit her easily, and she cannot even rebel. Slaves always have to be hypnotized in such a way that they cannot rebel. Man has conditioned the woman’s mind in such a way that she thinks the way man wants her to think.

Women have lived like slaves; they have accepted the slavery. You have to throw that slavery completely, you have to come out of it.

Just the other night I was reading that in the sixth century there was a great Christian conference of all the great Christian leaders to decide whether women have souls or not. Fortunately, they decided that women do have souls – but only by one vote. It is not much of a victory. By the majority of one vote! – Just one vote less and historically you would not have any soul. It is not much, this soul.

Man has crushed the whole psychology of women. And whatsoever you see is not really the psychology of women – it is man-made psychology, man-created psychology in women. The more free you will be, the more you will also feel the same way – because men and women are not really so different as they have been thought to be. They are different: their biology is different, and, certainly, their psychology is different – but they are not unequals. Their similarities are more than their dissimilarities.

Women have been so much corrupted and destroyed that it is very difficult to decide what their real psychology is. Don’t listen to history; history is an ugly record – it is a record of long slavery. At least women should not listen to history; they should burn all history books! They should say that history has to be written again.

Osho, The Tantric Vision, Talk #10


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