Featured Books The Book of Women Man and Woman Differ Basically… (Part 3)

Man and Woman Differ Basically… (Part 3)

Man and Woman Differ Basically… (Part 3)

Man is aggressive, he doubts, inquires, goes out of his way to search, tries to conquer everything. He has to – because he exists around an aggressive semen. His whole body exists around a sexuality which has to seek, penetrate.

All the arms that man has created up to now – even the bomb, the H-bomb – they are just projections of the male sex, projections of the penis. The arrow, the gun, or the bomb – they penetrate, they reach, they cross the distance. Even going to the moon…a woman will simply laugh and think it is foolish: “Why go there?” But for man it is worth risking his life, because it is a sort of penetration – penetration into the mysteries of life.

The more distant the goal, the more appealing. Man will reach Everest, he will reach the moon, he will go further ahead; he cannot be checked, he cannot be prevented. Whatsoever becomes known, becomes useless: then it is no longer interesting. Deeper mysteries have to be penetrated, as if the whole of nature is woman – and man has to penetrate and know.

Man has created science. Woman cannot be scientific, because the basic aggression doesn’t exist in her. Women can be dreamers, because dreaming is a waiting; it is part of the womb. But they cannot be scientists, they cannot be logical. Logic is also aggression. Women cannot be skeptical and doubting. They can trust, they can be faithful, and this is natural to them because it is all part of their womb. And the whole body exists so that the womb can survive in it; the whole body is just a natural device to help the womb. Nature is interested in the womb, because through the womb life comes into existence. This gives a totally different orientation to the woman.

For her, religion can be a sort of love, it cannot be a search for truth. The very phrase ‘search for truth’ is male-oriented. It can be a waiting for the beloved, for the lover. God can be a son, a husband, but God cannot be truth. It looks so bare, flat, dry, dead; there seems to be no life in the word truth. But for man, truth is the most meaningful word. He says, “Truth is God, and if you know the truth, you have known all.” And the way man is going to follow is to conquer: nature has to be conquered.

Science is an aggression, because the whole effort is how to penetrate the mystery and dissolve it, how to come to know; the whole effort is how to demystify the universe. That is what knowledge means: we have come to know, now there is no mystery. Unless mystery dissolves, man cannot rest at peace. The universe must be demystified, everything must be known, no secret should be allowed to remain a secret…

Osho, The Mustard Seed , Talk #18


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