Featured Books The Book of Women Man and Woman Differ Basically… (Part 5)

Man and Woman Differ Basically… (Part 5)

Man and Woman Differ Basically… (Part 5)

A woman is more interested in the home, in the surroundings; a woman is more interested in the gossip of the near neighborhood. She is not much worried about what is happening in Vietnam, it is too distant; what is happening in Cyprus, it is meaningless. She cannot even conceive why her husband goes on reading about Cyprus: “How does it enter into your life?” And the husband thinks that she is not interested in higher subjects. That is not the point. She is at ease with herself, so only the surroundings interest her. Just if somebody’s wife has gone with somebody else, or somebody is ill, or a child is born, or somebody is dead, that is the news. That is news – more personal, more homely; just the neighborhood is enough.

And a more contented wife or mother will not even worry about the neighborhood, her own house is enough. She feels perfect, and the reason is biological: her hormones, her cells, are balanced. A man has a restlessness, and that restlessness gives him inquiry, doubt, movement. He cannot be satisfied unless he finds the ultimate. And even then you don’t know whether he will be satisfied or not, or whether he will again start inquiring into something else….

In the West the phenomenon has entered: there are many women alone with their children, the father has been disposed of. This is going to grow more and more. But the mother cannot be disposed of, nature needs the mother more. That’s why the mother is a more bodily phenomenon.

Women are more body-conscious than men. If they take too much time while they are dressing, that is the reason. You may go on honking your horn and they don’t come and they don’t come….

I once heard one woman: I was sitting in the car and her husband was honking, and she looked out of the window and said, “I have told you a thousand times that I am coming in two minutes!” And she was exactly right, because for one hour she had been saying, “I am coming in two minutes.” Why so much time in dressing? She is body-conscious. Man is more mind, woman is more body.

Osho, The Mustard Seed , Talk #18


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