Featured Books The Book of Women Man and Woman Differ Basically… (Part 1)

Man and woman differ basically; they not only differ, they are opposites. That’s why there is so much attraction. Attraction can exist only between opposites; the similar cannot be very attractive – whatsoever you are, you are acquainted with it.

For a man, the woman is the unknown. It attracts, it invokes, it invites; an inquiry arises, a curiosity arises. For woman, the man is the unknown. For man, God penetrates through this world in the shape of woman, because God is the unknown. For a woman, man represents the divine because he is the unknown for her. Hence, the opposite is so significant.

So the first thing to be understood: they are different; not only different, but opposites – but they are not unequal, they are equal. Difference is there, oppositeness is there, a polarity is there, but they are not unequal, they are equal. Two opposites are always equal; otherwise they cannot oppose each other.

Osho, The Mustard Seed , Talk #18


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