Featured Books The Book of Women The Christian Trinity – What Happened to the Mother? (Part 1)

The Christian Trinity – What Happened to the Mother? (Part 1)

The Christian Trinity – What Happened to the Mother? (Part 1)

All the religions of the world were founded by men; not a single religion has been founded by any woman. And of course the male ego, the male chauvinism, has been the root cause of all the doctrines that have been created to explain existence.

It is very difficult for the male ego to think of woman as the creator. Even to give a small portion in the Trinity to woman seems to be difficult. Everything has been managed by man. Man has been the manager in this world and, of course, he has created the concept of the other world. There also he goes on managing.

God is man, the Holy Ghost is man, the Son is man.... Not that it is so. If there is any God, he is bound to be both man and woman. He cannot be just male -- that is impossible, that will be incomplete. He must be a complete circle -- male-female, yin-yang.

In the East we have been more aware. In Sanskrit, the brahma, the ultimate God, is neither male nor female. That's truer -- because he is both. He does not belong to any gender. He is beyond gender. That seems to be truer, a better concept. Because life exists in polarities. Life cannot exist with one pole. Electricity cannot exist only as positive or only as negative. The negative and the positive -- both poles are needed. Between these poles exists the phenomenon of electricity.

Humanity cannot exist just as man or as woman. Both are needed to make it a complete whole, a graceful, elegant whole. Man alone is incomplete. Woman alone is also incomplete.

Look at life. All polarities are joined together there -- life and death, love and hate, day and night, summer and winter. All polarities are joined together -- the earth and the sky. God is the total, the whole. The whole cannot be just male. This is a male attitude, if people say that the whole is just male. It is a male chauvinist attitude.

Osho, Nirvana: The Last Nightmare, Talk #6

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