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The Right Hemisphere of the Brain Knows Nothing of Calculation

The left hemisphere is calculative. It is connected with the right hand, that's why the right hand has become very important. The right hemisphere of the brain is poetic, it is a song. It knows nothing of calculation, it is very innocent. It knows how to love. It knows how to be madly in love, but it is irrational, emotional. This mind is connected with the left-hand side. Because the society values arithmetic very much, it values the right hand, so the right hand is right and the left hand is wrong. That has become the general assumption. It is not true.

The left hand needs to rebel. And with the left-hand rebellion, the whole structure of society will change. If the right hand remains predominant then woman will never become equal to man, because the woman means the intuitive mind, the irrational mind; the woman means the left hand. And if the right hand remains predominant then life will never know what joy is, because through calculation you cannot come to joy. Joy is not a calculation, joy is a very, very non-calculative process. Joy is available only to those who are childlike, still full of wonder, awe, still interested in the small things of life….

You have to change from the logical to the illogical, and to be a sannyasin is the beginning of that. This is the revolution of sannyas: moving from the calculative part of the mind to the non-calculative. I am not against the calculative, it has its own uses, utilities, but it should not be the dominant one, it should not be the master of your life, it should not be the captain of your soul.

Poetry should be the central force of your life. Celebration, not calculation, should be the most important thing. And calculation should serve your celebration. Then you are on the right track, then you are moving towards existence. And then things are no longer upside-down; everything is in harmony.

Osho, Unpublished Darshan Diary