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Aum, Sweet Aum

Aum, Sweet Aum

Patanjali believes – and not only believes, he knows also – that sound is the basic element of existence. Just as physicists say that electricity is the basic element, yogis say that sound is the basic element. They agree with each other in a subtle way.

Physicists say that sound is nothing but a modification of electricity and yogis say that electricity is nothing but a modification of sound. Then both are true. Sound and electricity are two forms of one phenomenon and, to me, that phenomenon is not known yet and will not be known ever. Whatsoever we know will be just a modification of it. You may call it electricity, you may call it sound, you may call it fire, like Heraclitus, you may call it water, like Lao Tzu: that depends on you. But all these are modifications, forms of the formless. That formless will always remain unknown.

For the yogi, electricity is not relevant. He is working in the inner lab of being. There, sound is more relevant, because through sound he can change many phenomena inside and through sound he can change the inner electricity also. Yogis call it prana – the inner bio-energy or bio-electricity. Through sound that can be changed immediately.

That’s why, when listening to classical music, you feel a certain silence surrounding you: your inner body energy is changed. Listen to a madman and you will feel you are also going crazy: because the madman is in a chaos of body electricity and his words and sounds carry that electricity to you. Sit with an enlightened person and suddenly you feel everything within you is falling in a rhythm. Suddenly you feel a different quality of energy arising in you.

That’s why Patanjali says the repetition of Aum and meditation on it destroys all obstacles.

For Patanjali, disease means dis-ease. It is a non-rhythmic way of your inner bio-energy. You feel uncomfortable. If this uncomfort, this disease, continues, sooner or later it will affect your body. Patanjali will agree with acupuncture absolutely, and in Soviet Russia a man named Kirlian will agree with Patanjali absolutely. All the three trends.... Acupuncture is not concerned with enlightenment, but acupuncture is concerned with how the body becomes diseased, how illness happens. Acupuncture has discovered seven hundred points on the body where the inner bio-energy touches the physical body – touchpoints – seven hundred all around the body.

Whenever the electricity is not flowing in a circle in these seven hundred points – some gaps are there, a few points are no longer functioning, through a few points the electricity is no longer moving, blocks are there, electricity is cut, it is not a circle – then disease happens. So acupuncture believes that without any medicine, without any other treatment, if you allow the bio-energy flow to become a circle, the disease disappears. And for five thousand years... acupuncture was almost born when Patanjali was alive.

In the days of Patanjali, a principle was born. You can call it the Principle of Prana – bio-energy. In China it took the form of acupuncture, in India it took the form of the whole system of Yoga. How does it happen that when the body energy is not flowing rightly you feel discomfort? Because a gap exists in you, an absence, and you feel something is missing. This is disease in the beginning. First it will be felt in the mind. As I told you, first it will be felt in the unconscious.

You may not be aware of it; in your dreams it will come first; in your dreams you will see illness, disease, somebody dying, something wrong. A nightmare will happen in your unconscious because the unconscious is nearest to the body and nearest to nature. From the unconscious it will come up to the subconscious; then you will feel irritated. You will feel that your stars are wrong, that whatsoever you do goes wrong. You would like to love a person, and you try to love but you cannot. You would like to help somebody, but you only hinder them. Everything goes wrong.

You think some bad influence, some star high in the sky; no, something in the subconscious, some discomfort, and you get irritated, angry, and the cause is somewhere in the unconscious. You are finding the cause somewhere else. Then the cause comes to the conscious. Then you start feeling that you are ill, and then it moves to the body. It has been always moving to the body, and suddenly you feel ill.

Disease for Patanjali is some disturbance in the body aura, in the prana, in the bio-energy, in the electricity of your body. That’s why through Aum it can be cured. Some time, you sit lonely in a temple. Go through some old temple where nobody goes, and sit under the dome – a circular dome is just to reflect the sound.... So sit under it, chant Aum loudly and meditate on it. Let the sound reflect and fall upon you like rain. Suddenly you will feel, after a few minutes, that your whole body is becoming peaceful, calm, quiet: the body energy is getting settled.

Patanjali makes it a first rule that you should be healthy, because if you are not healthy you cannot go far. Your illness, your discomfort, your inner broken circle of energy, will be a stone on your neck. When you will meditate you will feel ill at ease. When you would like to pray, you cannot pray, you would like to rest. A low energy level will be there, and with low energy how can you go far? How can you reach the divine? And for Patanjali the divine is the farthest point: much energy is needed. A healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy being is needed. Disease is disease – disease in the body energy. Aum will help, and other things also we will discuss.

If a man can become a perfect chanting so that the chanter is completely lost – only a pure consciousness, a flame of light and all around, chanting – the energy falls into a circle, becomes a circle. Then you have one of the most euphoric moments in life. When the energy falls into a circle, becomes a harmony, when there is no discord, no conflict, you have become one. But ordinarily, also, disease will be a hindrance. If you are ill, you need treatment.

Patanjali’s Yoga system and Hindu system of medicine, Ayurveda, developed simultaneously. Ayurveda is totally different from allopathy. Allopathy is suppressive of the disease. Allopathy has developed side by side with Christianity; it is a byproduct. Because Christianity is suppressive, allopathy is suppressive. If you are ill, allopathy immediately suppresses the illness. Then the illness tries to come up in some other weak point; then from somewhere else it explodes. You suppress it there; then from somewhere else it explodes. But with allopathy, you go on from one illness to another, from another to another, but it is never-ending process.

Ayurveda has a totally different concept. Illness should not be suppressed: it should be released. A catharsis is needed. Ayurvedic medicine is given to the ill person so that the illness comes up and is thrown out...a catharsis. So the beginning doses of Ayurvedic medicine may make you more ill, and it takes a long time because it is not a suppression. It cannot be done right now: it is a long process. The illness has to be thrown, and your inner energy has to become a harmony so the health comes from within. The medicine will throw the illness out, and the healing force will replace it from your own being.

They developed Ayurveda and Yoga together. If you are doing yogasanas, if you are following Patanjali, then never go to an allopathic doctor. If you are not following Patanjali, then there is no problem. But if you are following the Yoga system and working many things in your body energy, then never go to Allopathy because they are contrary. Then seek an Ayurvedic doctor or Homeopathy or Naturopathy – anything that helps catharsis.

But if there is a disease, first tackle it. Don’t move with the disease.

With my methods it is very easy to get rid of a disease. Patanjali’s method of Aum, of chanting and meditating, is a very mild one. But in those days, that was strong strong enough because people were simple, they lived with nature. Illness was rare; health was common. Now just the opposite is the case: health is rare, illness is common, and people are very complex; they don’t live near nature.Then Patanjali’s mild methods won’t help much.

Hence, my dynamic, chaotic methods.... Because you are almost mad, you need mad methods which can bring out all that is suppressed within you and throw it out. But health is a must.

Through the chanting of Aum and meditating on it, your low energy level will become high.

How does it happen? Why are you on a low energy level always, always feeling exhausted, tired? Even in the morning when you get up, you are tired. What is happening to you? Somewhere in your system there are leakages; you leak energy. You are not aware, but you are like a bucket with holes. Every day you fill the bucket, but you see it is always empty, getting empty. This leakage has to be stopped.

How does energy leak through the body? These are deep problems for bio-energetics. The body leaks always from fingers of the hand, of the feet, eyes. The energy cannot leak through the head: it is round. Anything round helps the body to preserve. That’s why Yoga postures – siddhasana, padmasana: they make the whole body round.

A person who is sitting in a siddhasana puts his hands together because the body energy leaks through the fingers. When both the hands are put together on top of each other, the energy moves from one hand into the other. It becomes a circle. Feet, legs, are also put on each other so that the energy moves in your own body and doesn’t leak.

The eyes are closed because eyes release almost eighty percent of your bio-energy. That’s why, if you continuously are traveling and you go on looking out of the train or the car, you will feel so tired. If you travel with closed eyes you will not feel so tired. You go on looking at unnecessary things, even reading advertisements on the walls. You use your eyes too much, and when eyes are tired the whole body is tired. Eyes give the indication that now it is enough.

A yogi tries to remain with closed eyes as much as possible, with hands and legs crossing each other, so the energy moves into each. He sits with the spine straight. If the spine is straight while you are sitting, you will preserve more energy than any other way – because when the spine is straight, the gravitation of the earth cannot force much energy out of you: it touches only one point of the spine. That’s why, when you are sitting in such a leaning posture, slanting, you think you are resting. But Patanjali says you are leaking energy, because more of your body is under the influence of gravitation.

When the energy is flowing into yourself again and again, not moving out, then languor disappears. It will not disappear by talking; it will not disappear by reading scriptures; it will not disappear by philosophizing. It will disappear only when your energy is not leaking.

Try to preserve it. The more you preserve, the better. But in the West, something just the opposite is being taught – that it is good to release energy through sex, this and that; release energy. It is good if you are not using it in any other way; otherwise you will go mad. And whenever there is too much energy, it is better to release it through sex. Sex is the simplest method to release it.

But it can be used, can be made creative It can give you a rebirth, a resurrection. You can know millions of euphoric stages through it; you can rise higher and higher through it. It is the ladder to reach the divine. If you go on releasing it everyday, you will never have such built up energy that you can take even the first step towards the divine. Preserve it.

Patanjali is against sex, and that is the difference between Patanjali and Tantra. Tantra uses sex as a method; Patanjali wants you to bypass it. There are people, almost fifty percent, whom Tantra will suit; and fifty percent whom Yoga will suit. One has to find what will suit him. Both can be used, and through both, people reach. Neither is wrong or right; it depends on you. One will be right for you and one wrong for you, but remember, for you. It is not an absolute, categorical statement. Something may be right for you and wrong for somebody else.

The systems were born together, Tantra and Yoga...twin systems, exactly at the same time. This is the synchronicity. Just as man and woman need each other, Tantra and Yoga need each other; they become a complete thing. If there is only Yoga, then only fifty percent can reach; fifty percent will be in trouble. If there is only Tantra, then fifty percent can reach; the other fifty percent will be in trouble. This has happened. Trouble arises whenever you don’t understand who you are.


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