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The Real Yogi: The Aloner

The moment one accepts his loneliness he becomes a yogi. Now he transcends society. That is the only meaning of leaving the society. It is not leaving the actual society; wherever you go, you create a society. Even with the tress, even with the animals, a family will be created and society will be there.
Now there is no guru, you are alone. As there is no one to adulterate it, it is so pure, innocent and beautiful. This aloneness is the path, this aloneness is the meditation. This aloneness is yoga.
Still, you can ask what is to be done with his aloneness. Nothing is to be done, because every doing is nothing but escaping from this aloneness. This aloneness is not to be left and escaped from. You must be deeply in it and you must live with it. You must walk the path of life totally alone; amidst the crowd, with fellow travelers but totally alone.
When two people are walking on a road, they are not walking as two, they are walking as one and one. There are two alonenesses walking. You must live in the family but alone. Now, there may be five members but there are five alonenesses living in a home. And the moment you understand your loneliness you become compassionate There is a compassion now for others and their aloneness. This compassion is a symbolic indication of a person who has gone into the initiation of yoga.
The wife with a husband is as lonely as she was before, but we create illusionary escapes, illusion of togetherness. Our whole society, our family, our nations, our clubs, groups, organizations — these are all escapes from one’s loneliness. A person comes to yoga the moment he becomes totally aware of his absolute loneliness and aware also that there is nowhere to go.
How ugly it is that no one thinks himself worth living with! If I am alone in my room, I am bored...bored with myself. So a bored person goes to another bored person, and they both try to transcend the boredom. Mathematically the possibility is otherwise. The boredom will be doubled; now the bored will be doubly bored and each one will think that the other does not wish to help.
You must begin to live the moment that comes to you. Live totally. Live it alone. Live it moment to moment. Be open, open towards the unknown, open to anything that may happen. And accept it as it comes. The denial, the non-acceptance is the only atheism. The acceptance, the attitude to always say yes to everything and an unconditional welcome to everything — that is, to my mind, true religiousness.
Create the situation and the happening will come by itself. It cannot be predicted by the mechanical things. Nothing valuable can be predicted. We cannot predict about life, so one must create the situation and wait and let things happen in their own course.
For example, I have prepared the home to receive a guest but the preparation is not the guest. He may come, he may not come. The Indian word for guest is very beautiful. It is atithi — it means a person whose date is unknown. He may or may not come, or he may come this very moment. Onne may have to wait for him for the whole life. His date is not known. Atithi means the date-less, the unpredictable.
If you are certain that the guest is bound to come, when you are not in a waiting mood. Then there is no waiting; the certainty has killed the waiting. If he is to come, then there is no question of waiting. So people who are incapable of waiting have created all types of certainties They have said do this, and this will happen. The happening has become a guarantee. It cannot be. It may be that one has to wait for lives and lives together and yet he may not come.
With the full knowledge of this possibility, of this uncertainty, the heart becomes an awaiting. Of every moment and everything that is happening, the rain or the flowers or the stars...one is aware of everything. because no one knows from where he may come. No one knows his door, his path. No one knows his name. no one knows in what moment he will come and knock at the door.
So a yogi is a person who awaits, who is not asleep.
This waiting is the only difficult thing, the only arduous part of it. We are in much hurry. This hurry of modern man is the only irreligiousness, which has turned the whole modern society towards materialism.
Do not believe in dead formulae. Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Gyana yoga, Raja yoga — these are all dead formulae. There are as many yogas as there are persons to travel on the path. Everyone creates and must create his own yoga. Then only the authentic being can be realized. The authenticity comes through individuality; otherwise a borrowed and a phony realization is possible.
When you realize your total aloneness, then it is not that now you will commune with the divine but now you are the divine. Even the language of oneness is the hangover from the dualism of the other.
Osho, The Great Challenge, Talk #1
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