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Fourth: Now be patient, because I have to complete the list to ten. I cannot count more than that. Why ten? – Because I have ten fingers. That’s how the number ten came into existence: ten fingers. Man started counting on his fingers so ten became the basic number.

Fourth: Kundkund’s Samayasar. I have never spoken about it. I decided to many times but always dropped the idea. This is one of the greatest books the Jainas have produced, but it is very mathematical; that’s why I have always dropped it. I love poetry. If it were poetic I would have spoken on it. I have even spoken on unenlightened poets, but not on even enlightened mathematicians and logicians. Mathematics is so dry, logic is a desert.

Perhaps he is around here among my sannyasins...but he cannot be. Kundkund was an enlightened master; he cannot be born again. His book is beautiful, I can only say that much. I will not say anything more because it is mathematical.... Mathematics too has its beauty, its rhythm, that’s why I appreciate it. It has its own truth but it is very limited, and very right-handed.

Samayasar means the essence. If by chance you ever come across Kundkund’s Samayasar, then please never hold it in your left hand. Keep it in the right hand. It is a right-hand book, right in every way. That is why I have declined up till now to speak about it. It is so right that I feel a little aversion to it – of course with tears in my eyes, because I know the beauty of the man who wrote it. I love Kundkund, and I hate from my guts his mathematical expression.

Gudia, you can have a little more freedom because I have to talk about four books more. If you want you can go out again.


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