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Second: Jin Sutras – The Sutras of the Conqueror. [Jain Agam Sutras.] Jin is a beautiful word, it means conqueror: one who has conquered himself.

I have spoken of these sutras in many volumes, but they are as yet untranslated into English. One thing I would like to say: that I include the Jin Sutras in the postscript.

Nobody has been so silent as Jin Sutras, nor as naked. Only silence can be so naked. Remember, I am not saying nude, I am saying naked. Both words are totally different. ‘Nude’ is pornographic; ‘naked’ is just utterly open, vulnerable, uncovered. A child is not nude, but only naked. Mahavira in his nakedness is so beautiful.

It is said that he never spoke his sutras to anyone; only the intimate ones sitting by his side heard these sutras within themselves. They simply heard. It is one of the most miraculous things.... There was an inner circle of eleven intimate disciples around Mahavira, and when they all simultaneously heard the same word, then they thought that the word was worthy to be recorded, although Mahavira had not said anything openly, but in some subtle way, through a vibe.

The Jin Sutras were written in a totally different way from any other book in the whole world. The master remained silent, and eleven disciples simultaneously hear – emphasize the word simultaneously – the same word, then they record it. That’s how the Jin Sutras were born. What a birth for a book! One cannot conceive of a more beautiful beginning, and they certainly contain the highest light man is capable of, and the whole science of conquering oneself.

Osho, Books I Have Loved, Talk #6


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