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Fourth: I am perfectly okay, don’t be worried just because I am numbering correctly. Once in a while it happens just by accident. Fourth is the Kashmiri woman Lalla. The Kashmiris love Lalla so much that they say out of respect for her that they have only two words: one is Allah and the other is Lalla. The Kashmiris are ninety-nine percent Mohammedans, so when they say they know only two words, Allah and Lalla, it is important.

Lalla never wrote a book. She was illiterate, but so courageous.... She remained naked all her life – and remember this was hundreds of years ago in the East – and she was a beautiful woman. Kashmiris are beautiful; in India they are the only really beautiful people. They are the lost tribe Moses was searching for. They are basically, originally Jews.

When Moses was leading his people towards Israel...and one wonders what that madman was doing: why to Israel? But madmen are after all mad, there is no explanation. Moses was searching for a place for his people. He wandered for forty years in the desert, and then found Israel. Meanwhile he had lost one of his tribes. That tribe had reached Kashmir.

Sometimes at least it is fortunate to be lost. Moses could not find them. Do you know that in his search for the lost tribe Moses finally reached Kashmir...and he died there. His tomb is not in Israel, it is in Kashmir.

Strange, Moses died in Kashmir, Jesus died in Kashmir. I have been to Kashmir many many times, and I know it to be a place where one says, “Aahhh, could I die this very moment, here and now...!” It is so beautiful that to live afterwards will not be worthwhile.

Kashmiris are beautiful people – poor, but immensely beautiful. Lalla was a Kashmiri woman, illiterate, but she could still sing and dance. So a few of her songs have been saved. She, of course, could not be saved, but her songs have been.I include them in my postscript.


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