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Books I Have Loved

Third: The book by Mabel Collins, Light on the Path. Anybody who wants to travel towards the heights has to understand Light on the Path. It is a small book as far as quantity is concerned, just a few pages, but as far as quality is concerned it is one of the biggest, the greatest books. And, wonder of wonders, it has been written in the modern age. Nobody knows who the author Mabel Collins is. The author never even writes the name Mabel Collins in full, but only M.C. It is just by chance that I have come to know the full name through a few friends of M.C.

Why M.C.? I can understand the reason. The writer is only a vehicle, and more particularly so in the case of Light on the Path. Perhaps the Sufi, Khidr – I have told you about him: the spirit who leads people, guides people, helps people – was behind M.C.’s work too.

M.C. was a Theosophist. He or she would – I don’t know whether the author is a man or woman, it does not matter anyway – or may not have liked to have been guided by Khidr, the Sufi idea of the ultimate guide. But M.C. would be immensely happy if I use the parallel Theosophical name: they call it K.H. Any name will do. What you call it does not matter...Master K.H. or the mystic Khidr, it is all the same. But the book is immensely helpful. Whosoever wrote it, whosoever guided the writer, that’s beside the point; the book itself stands like a golden tower.


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