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Okay. I have heard your notebook open. Now it is my hour, and my hour does not consist of sixty minutes. It can be anything – sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred...or beyond numbers even. If it is my hour then of course it has to be consistent with me, not vice versa.
The postscript continues:

The first name today is one not even heard in the West: Maluka. He is one of the most significant mystics in India. His full name is Malukdas, but he only called himself Maluka as if he were a child – and he was a child really, not “as if”.

I have spoken on him in Hindi, but it will take a long time for it to be translated into other languages for the simple reason that Maluka is so strange, so mysterious. You will be surprised that in a country like India, which is full of commentators, scholars, pundits, nobody has even bothered to comment on Malukdas because it is so difficult. He had to wait for me. I am his first commentator, and who knows, maybe the last too.
Just an example:

Ajgar karai na chakari panchhi karai na kam, das Maluka kahi gaye sab ke data Ram.

Now I will try to translate it. It will not be exactly the same but I am not responsible for it. The poor English language cannot contain such richness. Maluka says: The snake never goes out to work at a job, nor does the bird ever work. And, says Maluka, there is no need, in fact, because existence provides for all. He was a man Zorba would have liked. He was the man with a little madness and a lot of meditation.
He was so deep in meditation that he says:

Mala japon na kar jibhya japon na Ram, sumiran mera Hari karain main paya bisram.

He says: I don’t chant the name of God, nor do I use a rosary for worship. I don’t worship at all – who cares for such stupid things! He continues: In fact, God remembers my name, there is no need for me to remember him.... Do you see? A little madness and a lot of meditation. Malukdas is one of the men of whom I can say without any hesitation that he has gone beyond enlightenment. He has become the picture on the tenth card of the Ten Zen Bulls.

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