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Sixth: I have always loved a book whose author is unknown; he is anonymous, although it is known to have been written by a disciple of Kabir. It does not matter who wrote it, but whoever did so must have been enlightened; that much can be said without any hesitation.

It is a small book of poems, very poorly written. Maybe the man was not very educated, but that too does not matter. What matters is the matter in it. Yes, the matter matters – the content. The book is not even published. The people who have it in their possession are against publishing it, and I can understand their feelings and completely agree with them. They say that when a book is published it becomes part of the marketplace, and they do not want it to be published. If anyone wants the book he can come and write it down in his own handwriting. So there are many handwritten copies around in India, but they have all promised not to publish it. Publication certainly does something to a book; it becomes mechanical, it loses something while going through the press. It loses its spirit; it comes out as a corpse.

There was no name to this book; because it was never published no title was needed. I asked the people who have the original copy, “What do you call it?”
They replied, “The Granth.”

Now, The Granth will have to be explained to you. It is an ancient word from when books were written on leaves, not on paper. Certain leaves can be used for writing and when you tie those leaves together that is called a granth. “Tying down” is the exact meaning of The Granth – ‘tying down the leaves’.

The book has a few immensely valuable statements. I will just acquaint you with a few. One, it says: That which can be said, don’t bother about it, it can’t be true. Truth cannot be said. Second: God is only a word – significant, but not existent. God is only a symbol representing an experience, not an object. Third: Meditation is not mentation, it is not of the mind. On the contrary, to drop the mind is to meditate. And so on and so forth.

I wanted to mention The Granth because it is nowhere mentioned and it has never been translated.


Osho, Books I Have Loved, Talk #12



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