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Books I Have Loved

Sixth, The Mind of India, by Moorehead and Radhakrishnan. Moorehead knew nothing of India, neither did Radhakrishnan, but strangely they wrote a beautiful book, very representative of the whole Indian heritage. Just the peaks are missing, as if a bulldozer had been going on and on destroying all the peaks of the Himalayas and making a plain. Yes, both of these fellows have done the work of a bulldozer. If somebody knows the spirit of India – I cannot call it the mind – then the title of the book should be The No-mind of India.

But although the book does not represent the highest, it still represents the lowest, and the lowest is the majority, ninety-nine point nine percent. So it really represents almost all of India. It is beautifully written but it is only guesswork. One was an Englishman, the other an Indian politician – a great combination! And both together they wrote this book The Mind of India.


Osho, Books I Have Loved, Talk #11


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