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Fifth, I want to bring J. Krishnamurti back to your notice again. The name of the book is Commentaries on Living. There are many volumes of it. It is made of the same stuff stars are made from.

Commentaries on Living is his diary. Once in a while he writes something in his diary...a beautiful sunset, an ancient tree, or just the evening...birds coming back home...anything...a river rushing to the ocean...whatever he feels, he sometimes notes it down. That’s how this book was born. It is not written systematically, it is a diary. Yet to just read it is enough to transport you to another world – the world of beauty, or far better, beautitude. Can you see my tears?

I have not read for some time, but just the mention of this book is enough to bring tears to my eyes. I love the book. It is one of the greatest books ever written. I have said before that Krishnamurti’s First and Last Freedom is his best book, which he has not been able to transcend – of course not as a book, because Commentaries is only a diary, not a book in the real sense, but all the same I include it.


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