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Fifth, I am going to include another man, Alan Watts, with all his books. I have loved this man immensely. I have loved Buddha for different reasons; I have loved Solomon for a different reason. They are enlightened, Alan Watts is not. He is an American...not a born American, that’s his only hope; he just emigrated there. But he has written tremendously valuable books. The Way of Zen should be counted as one of the most important; This is It is a tremendous work of beauty and understanding – and from a man who is yet unenlightened; hence it is more appreciable.

When you are enlightened, whatsoever you say is beautiful; it has to be. But when you are not enlightened and groping in the dark, and yet can find a small window of light, that’s tremendous, fantastic. Alan Watts was a drunkard, but still he was very close. He was once an ordained Christian priest – what a misfortune! – but he renounced it. Very few people have the guts to renounce the priesthood, because it provides so many things of the world. He renounced all that and became almost a hobo. But what a hobo! – it reminds one of Bodhidharma, Basho, or Rinzai. Alan Watts cannot remain long without becoming a buddha. He died long ago; by this time he must be leaving school...must be ready to come to me! I am waiting for all these people. Alan Watts is one of them – I am waiting for him.


Osho, Books I Have Loved, Talk #9


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