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Bahaudin is totally different from Buddha; Hakim Sanai is totally different from Sosan. And the difference is Buddha will be utterly empty, Bahaudin will be utterly full. Buddha will be cool and cold, aloof, detached, silent; Bahaudin will be dancing in tremendous ecstasy. Buddha will just be peace, Bahaudin will be bliss also – peace will be secondary, bliss will be primary. In Buddha, peace will be primary, bliss will be secondary. In Buddha, peace will be visible, bliss will remain invisible. In Bahaudin, bliss will be there dancing, very visible, tangible, you can almost touch it, but peace will remain hidden. Peace will be just a shadow, you can only infer it; you can guess, but you cannot touch it.
Osho, Unio Mystica, Vol 1, Talk #5