Osho Osho On Topics Conditioning



Parental conditioning is the greatest slavery in the world. If the child is brought up in a wrong way then the whole of humanity goes wrong. The child is the seed. If the seed itself is poisoned and corrupted by well-intentioned people, well-wishing people, then there is no hope for a free human individual.

The fear is that if the child is left unconditioned from the very beginning he will be so intelligent, he will be so alert and aware, that his whole life style will be of rebellion. And nobody wants rebels; everybody wants obedient people.

Parents love the obedient child. But remember, the rebellious child is the intelligent one. The rebellious child is not respected or loved. The teachers don´t love him, the society don’t give him respect. He is crushed.

The genius happens very rarely, not because the genius is rarely born. The genius happens rarely because it is very difficult to escape from the conditioning process of the society! Only once in a while does a child somehow manage to escape from its clutches.

If the child is allowed and helped to develop his individuality without any hindrance from others, we will have a beautiful world. Then we will have many buddhas, many socrateses and many jesuses. We will have a tremendous variety of geniuses.