Osho Osho On Topics Femininity


Become more feminine, more soft and delicate. Your ego is trying to create trouble. Your ego is saying to you, "Be strong, be masculine, be this and that." Don´t go on that male chauvinistic trip - forget about it. Relax. Whatsoever is coming naturally is beautiful. This femininity has to be absorbed. It is not weakness; it is delicateness. It is softness that you are thinking to be weakness. To use the word "weakness" is to evaluate it. Your ego is evaluating it, condemning it - that this is something wrong, you are becoming weak. Ego always thinks of softness as weakness. That´s why women down the ages have been thought to be the weaker sex. It is not true; it is just false. Drop that word "weakness" - simply call it softness, femininity, and allow it. It is beautiful!