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The Master

The master is the last barrier on the path. The love for the master is difficult to drop. One can drop everything – one can renounce the whole world, one can renounce himself – but unless the last thing also is dropped, that small clinging with the master remains the base for your ego.

Gautam Buddha has said, "If you meet me on the way, immediately cut my head." He is talking metaphorically. Because when you are meditating everything will disappear, but finally, you will see the master is there. When the whole world has disappeared the master is there. That is your last love, and it is so satisfying, so gratifying, that one wants to be in that state forever.

Only the master can say, "This is not the goal. One step more: remove this attachment with the master too, so you are absolutely unattached." In absolute unattachment the ego disappears. The disappearance of the ego is not the disappearance of you. The disappearance of the ego is really the appearance of you for the first time; the false disappears and the true comes to revelation.

It is difficult, but it has to be made possible. It is not impossible because many have done it. And you are not doing it against the master; you are fulfilling the last message of the master. Let the ego disappear. But it will disappear only when there is no attachment. And the moment there is no ego at all, for the first time you are. Then you will feel grateful towards the master forever because if he had not been insistent, you would have remained in that beautiful state. But there is something beyond, more; and the master would not like you to be stuck on the path.

The master wants you to be totally liberated, liberated from everything; he is included in that `everything´.

Osho, The Osho Upanishad, Talk #13
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