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If one person goes against the crowd ― one Jesus or one Buddha ― the crowd doesn´t feel good with this man, the crowd will destroy him; or, if the crowd is very cultured, the crowd will worship him. But both ways are the same. If the crowd is a little wild, uncultured, Jesus will be crucified. If the crowd is like the Indians ― very cultured, centuries of culture, of nonviolence, of love, of spirituality ― they will worship the Buddha. But by worshipping they are saying: We are different; you are different. We cannot follow you, we cannot come with you. You are good, very good, but too good to be true. You don´t belong to us. You are a god ― we will worship you. But don´t trouble us; don´t say things which can unhinge us, which can disturb our peaceful sleep.

Kill a Jesus or worship a Buddha ― both are the same. Jesus is killed so the crowd can forget that such a man ever existed, because if this man is true.... And this man is true. His whole being is so full of bliss and benediction that he is true; because truth cannot be seen, only the fragrance that comes out of a true man can be felt. The blissfulness can be felt by others, and that is a proof that this man is true. But if this man is true, then the whole crowd is wrong, and this is too much. The whole crowd cannot tolerate such a person; it is a thorn, painful. This man has to be destroyed ― or worshipped, so we can say: You come from another world, you don´t belong to us. You are a freak, you are not the normal rule. You may be the exception, but the exception only proves the rule. You are you, we are us: we will go on our path. Good that you came ― we respect you very much ― but don´t disturb us. We put Buddha in the temple so that he need not come into the marketplace; otherwise he will create trouble.