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Third: A man who is not known much, not even by his own countrymen. His name is Saraha, and the book is called The Song of Saraha – that is its Tibetan title. Nobody knows who wrote it down. One thing is certain, Saraha never did, he just sang it. But it has the fragrance that the man knew, that he had attained. The song is not the composition of a poet but a realization of a mystic. It is just a few lines, but of such grandeur and beauty that the stars can feel ashamed.

The Song of Saraha is untranslated. I heard it from a Tibetan lama. I would have liked to have heard it again and again but the lama stank so much that I had to say “Thank you....” Lamas stink because they never take a bath. The lama’s stink – and I am allergic to smells – was even too much for me to hear the whole song! I was worried that I was going to have an asthma attack.

I have spoken much about Saraha; he is the original source of the school of Tantra.

Osho, Books I Have Loved, Talk #4


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