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First Be Reconciled

Track #3 of the Series, I Say Unto You, Vol. 1

"Moses brought law to the world, Jesus brings love. Moses is a must before Jesus can be possible. Law is enforced love; love is spontaneous law. Law is from the outside; love is from the inside. Law is without, love is within.

"Love can happen only when a certain order, a certain discipline, a certain law exists. Love cannot exist in the jungle. Moses civilizes man, Jesus spiritualizes man. That's why Jesus says again and again 'I have come not to destroy, but to fulfill.'

"Moses gives commandments, Jesus gives insight into those commandments. One can follow the commandments on a formal, superficial level. One can become a righteous person, a puritan, a moralist, and deep down nothing changes: all remains the same. The old darkness is still there, the old unconsciousness is still there."
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Osho continues:
"Nothing has really changed; you have just painted your surface. Now you are wearing a beautiful mask. Nothing wrong in wearing a beautiful mask – if you have an ugly face it is better not to show it to others. Why be so hard on others? If you have an ugly face, wear a mask – at least it will save others from seeing you. But the mask cannot change your ugly face. Never forget for a single moment that the mask is not your face. You have to transform your face too.

"Moses gave a very crude discipline to society. He could not have done better, there was no way. Human consciousness existed in a very very primitive way. A little bit of civilization was more than one could expect. But Moses prepared the way, and Jesus is the fulfillment. What Moses started, Jesus completes. Moses has laid the foundation, Jesus raises the whole temple. Those stones in the foundation have to be crude and ugly. Only on those crude and ugly stones can a beautiful marble temple be built. Always remember this: that Jesus is not against Moses. But the Jews misunderstood him, because Moses talks about law and Jesus talks about love.

"To the Jews, particularly the priests, the politicians, it appeared that the law would be destroyed by Jesus; hence they were angry. And they were right too. The law would be destroyed in a sense, because a higher law would be coming in. The lower law would have to go. The lower has to cease for the higher to come.

"Law depends on fear, law depends on greed, law punishes you. The central idea of law is justice, but justice is not enough, because justice is crude and hard, violent. Only compassion can allow your being to bloom, can help you come to your highest peak – not justice. Law is better than lawlessness, but compared to love, law itself is lawlessness – compared to love. It is relative, because law depends on the same evils against which it fights.

"Somebody murders, then the law murders him. Now, it is the same thing you are doing to the person that he has done to somebody else."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

energy… moment… innocent… sin… resist… share… fragrance… moses… rinzai… thoreau

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