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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Sermons in Stones, # 8, (mp3) - poison, cool, meditation


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In Love, Drop the Object

Track #8 of the Series, Sermons in Stones

"Purna, the experience has been immensely valuable.

"On the path of mystery, all objects are nothing but excuses – because you cannot wait without an object, without it being for something.

"The moment waiting is for something, it is desire; it is not waiting. And by its very nature, desire goes on becoming narrower.

"You love – the beginning of love is a wider experience, because love has not become desire yet. You have not started to take your beloved for granted. The calamity of marriage has not happened yet, you are still free to move in any direction. The other is not yet binding. The other is not yet a hell because there is no relationship yet. No promises are yet given, no decisions for tomorrow are yet taken."
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Osho continues:
"You are entirely satisfied with the moment.

"When you are in love, who cares about the future, about a life beyond death? When you are in love, life is here at the very center of your love, but only before you commit the common fallacy of humanity. You love somebody but the love is not defined yet, is not reduced to law – you have not been to the marriage registrar's office, you have not been to any priest to destroy your love and give you a guarantee.

"You have not asked for the guarantee yet – that's why you are free.

"You have not asked the other person to be a certain way and only then you will love. Your love is still unconditional, you love the person as he or she is. Your love is not yet possessive.

"But soon that moment will come, and out of this beautiful experience of expansion of consciousness you will start being afraid to lose it.

"Who knows about tomorrow?

"The woman may turn away, the man may not recognize you.

"Basically, we are strangers. And all that we know about each other is arbitrary – the name, the address, the face, the beauty – because all these will be changing.

"Your beloved may have the most beautiful eyes and tomorrow, blindness is possible. Unless you have learned to love as the other is, the beautiful beginning, the beautiful sunrise in your consciousness, will turn soon into a dark night of the soul.

"The same things that you used to love now create anger, now create hatred. The same things that you used to appreciate are now nothing but nagging…. The reception room was beautiful, and because of the beauty of the reception room you have entered a jail.

"But this is not the only possibility, of lovingness turning into a narrow, ugly desire to dominate, to possess, to be jealous of. If this were all, no intelligent person would have tolerated life for a single moment. For the intelligent person, suicide would have been the only way out.

"But it is not so – because there is an alternative.

"Love can become too much concentrated on the object, the beloved."
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