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The Uncorrupted Presence

Track #9 of the Series, The True Sage

"Man is a machine. He is born, lives, loves, dies, but not as a man. He is born, lives, loves, dies just like a machine. He is not conscious. Everything happens; he is not the doer, he has no will of his own. But he believes that he is the doer, he believes that he has a willpower, a will of his own. He believes that he is. This is the greatest stupidity possible, the base of all ignorance. Because of this belief, he never becomes aware of the true situation.

"Man, ordinarily, is only in two states: asleep with closed eye and asleep with open eyes, and continuously an undercurrent of dreaming goes on.

"To say that 'I am' is not true in the ordinary state of humanity, because there are many 'I's within you."
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Osho continues:
"You don't have a single 'I,' you don't have a single center of reference. One mood comes and goes, another mood comes and goes, and with each mood, a separate 'I' dominates you.

"When you are angry it is not the same 'I' as it was when you were in love. A totally different personality takes possession of you. And many times you suspect it – many times you have been angry and you have said, 'In spite of me, I was angry.' What do you mean when you say 'in spite of me'? Then who was angry? You have suspected rightly that the 'I' that you are ordinarily identified with was not in power; somebody else – a vagrant 'I,' a vagabond 'I,' an unusual 'I' – dominated you.

"Just a few days before, a sannyasin came to me and she was very happy that she has fallen in love and that she has found a love – she was ecstatic! And she asked, would I give her a tantra technique so that she can move in deeper orgasmic states of love.

"I looked into her and I said, 'You wait for seven days. Next time you come, bring your lover with you.'

"She came after a week, but she said, 'We have quarreled and separated.'

"So I asked, 'What about the tantra technique? I am ready to give it to you.'

"She said, 'But now I have no lover.' And she was so sad and so depressed, and not even suspecting what has happened.

"When you fall in love, you believe that; you think something permanent has happened in your being. Then you are sad, then you believe that. You are such a great believer, you never suspect for a single moment that these are moods and they pass just as clouds pass in the sky, and they go on flowing just like a river flows. Nothing is permanent in you. How can you say, 'I am'? That will be a falsity. To assert, 'I am,' is to say a lie. You cannot say. You are many 'I's, a thousand and one egos within you – a crowd, a multiplicity – you are poly-psychic."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

moment… mood… religious… repent… possession… cunningness… aware… herrigel… vallabha… gurdjieff

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