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Five Modifications of Mind

Track #3 of the Series, The Path of Yoga

"Mind can be either the source of bondage or the source of freedom. Mind becomes the gate for this world, the entry; it can also become the exit. Mind leads you to hell, mind can also lead you to heaven. So it all depends how the mind is used. Right use of mind becomes meditation, wrong use of the mind becomes madness.

"Mind is there, with everyone. The possibility of darkness and light, both are implied in it. Mind itself is neither the enemy nor the friend. You can make it a friend, you can make it an enemy; it depends on you – on you who is hidden behind the mind. If you can make the mind your instrument, your slave, the mind becomes the passage through which you can reach the ultimate."
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Osho continues:
"If you become the slave and the mind is allowed to be the master, then this mind which has become master will lead you to ultimate anguish and darkness.

"All the techniques, all the methods, all the paths of Yoga, are really deeply concerned only with one problem: how to use the mind. Rightly used, mind comes to a point where it becomes no-mind. Wrongly used, mind comes to a point where it is just a chaos, many voices antagonistic to each other, contradictory, confusing, insane.

"The madman in the madhouse and Buddha under his bodhi tree – both have used the mind, both have passed through the mind. Buddha has come to a point where mind disappears. Rightly used, it goes on disappearing; a moment comes when it is not. The madman has also used the mind. Wrongly used, mind becomes divided; wrongly used, mind becomes many; wrongly used, it becomes a multitude. And finally the mad mind is there, you are absolutely absent.

"Buddha's mind has disappeared and Buddha is present in his totality. A madman's mind has become total and he himself has disappeared completely. These are different…the two poles. You and your mind: if they exist together then you will be in misery. Either you will have to disappear or the mind will have to disappear. If the mind disappears then you achieve truth; if you disappear you achieve insanity. And this is the struggle: who is going to disappear?

"Are you going to disappear, or the mind? This is the conflict, the root of all struggle.

"These sutras of Patanjali will lead you step by step towards this understanding of the mind: what it is, what types of modes it takes, what types of modifications come into it, how you can use it and go beyond it. And remember, you have nothing else right now, only the mind – you have to use it. Wrongly used you will go on falling into more and more misery.

"You are in misery. That is because for many lives you have used your mind wrongly and the mind has become the master; you are just a slave, a shadow following the mind. You cannot say to the mind, 'Stop!' You cannot order your own mind; your mind goes on ordering you and you have to follow it."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

question… bliss… beautiful… need… hell… memory… balance… celebration… center… nanak

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