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I Am That

I Am That is an illuminating series of talks on the Isa Upanishad. These sutras are amongst the most ancient wisdom available to mankind – transmitted from masters to their disciples twenty–five centuries before Buddha. "This Upanishad? is the smallest – it can be written on a postcard – and yet it is the greatest document in existence." Osho declares. "There is no document of such luminosity, of such profoundness anywhere in the whole history of humanity." With clear metaphors, stories and jokes we are introduced to the perspective of an enlightened master, a world view so total that it embraces the infinite, the eternal, and the cosmic – a rebirth of the spirit of the Upanishads.
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Excerpt from: I am That, Chapter 13
"It is a relative world, nothing is permanent here, that is true. Everything is changing, flux-like; it is momentary. But that does not mean that it is unreal, that it is illusory. Even though it is momentary it is true, it is real. It has a relative reality.

"The other world, the beyond, the absolute, has a totally different kind of reality; it is non-relative. But both are real. The relative and the absolute are two aspects of the same reality. Watch a river: in one way it goes on changing, in another way it is the same river. Watch your mind: the mind goes on changing - every moment something new comes something old dies – but in another way your consciousness your watcher is the same. You can experience both these things within you: the mind is a relative reality and your consciousness is an absolute reality.

"You go to see a movie. The screen remains the same, but the scenes on the screen go on changing. Both are real. The scenes are for a moment there and then they are gone, but the screen remains the same. Because of the scenes you cannot see the screen. When the scenes stop, the projector stops, suddenly the screen is there utterly empty. That is the experience of absolute: it is emptiness, just a white screen; nothing moves, nothing changes. It is eternal, timeless. But the world of time, the world of change is also part of it." Osho
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

life... love... freedom... truth... question... enjoy... logic... alexander... christ... krishnamurti...

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